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A New Project

After a discussion at the local game store the other day, I have started on a new project - a terrain board for Warmachine. One of the guys had an idea for a board based around a gladiatorial arena. The base idea consists of a pit inset into the board with tiered steps leading down into it.

The board has been designed to ensure it will work for use in some of the Steamroller scenarios, namely those that use a central zone, objective, or flags. Scenarios that the board shouldwork with include Scenario 1: Destruction, Scenario 2: Supple and Demand, Scenario 3: Balance of Power, Scenario 5: Close Quarters, Scenario 9: Incursion, and Scenario 12: Fire Support.

Basic Board Structure

Basic Board Structure

As of this post I have the basic board structure complete. It was built using a 4' by 4' piece of 7/16" OSB as a base. On top of this I glued (Liquid Nail) four sheets of high-density foam insulation. Each sheet is approximately 3/4" thick. Prior to gluing I cut the circles out of the top three layers. I started with a 6" radius (12" diameter) hole in the second layer and increased the hole radius by 3" for each layer moving up. I considered adding a fifth layer, but the hole would have had a 15" radius, placing part of the pit within the standard 10" deployment zone.

Wooden Retaining Walls Started

Wooden Retaining Walls Started

For the sake of realism (in a fantasy game, I know), I needed to come up with a way to justify the walls of the pit not collapsing. To do this I decided to construct some wooden retaining walls abound the inside of each circle. At the scale Warmachine is based on, popsicle sticks make very convincing wooden planks so that is what I went with.

As of this post I have the retaining walls constructed. All that is left now is to seal the styrofoam (to protect it from paint), base the board, and paint. More on that later.


Lost Time

It has been over a year since I have posted anything here. Work, school, family, and life in general happens and when it gets to be too much, things like this blog get taken completely out of the picture for a while.

Now that life has calmed down, I am working on getting back to things I had to give up for a while. In regards to this blog, I intend to resume documenting my adventures in war gaming. This will include ideas for lists, my thoughts on tactics, painting progress, and am thinking about doing a few battle reports as well.

I am not going to commit to any sort of posting schedule,nbsp; but check back later for some long overdue new content.

Until then,

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Picked Up Some Orks

I got an unsuspected bonus at the game store last weekend. The shop had placed an abandoned Ork army up for sale and was taking bids on it in the hope someone in the shop would take it before they listed it on eBay. Not having a a lot of extra cash (Christmas time and all), I offered $100 along with stating I would understand if they wanted to eBay it instead. Naturally, I was very surprised when they accepted my offer and handed me a damn near fully painted Ork army.

Here are pictures of the models separated out. I added my Black Reach Orks into the mix to see exactly what I had to work with. Those will be easily identifiable in the photos because of their complete lack of paint.

Warboss and Nobz

Power Klaw Warboss with Nobz, some sporting Kombi-rokkitz.

Warboss and Nobz

Black Reach Warboss with Black Reach Nobz and a few metal Nobz.

Choppa Boyz

Mob of Choppa Boyz with a Power Klaw Nob.

Choppa Boyz

Mob of Black Reach Chopa Boyz with a Power Klaw Nob.

Shoota Boyz

21 Shoota Boyz with a pair of Black Reach Big Shootas.

Tank Bustas

20 metal Tank Bustas.

Meks adn Burna Boyz

4 Burna Boyz, 2 Meks, and a few Grots.

Old Skool Trukks

A pair of old skool Trukks.

Looted Wagon
Looted Wagon based on a Land Raider. Playable as a looted Battle Wagon.
Looted Wagon

Looted Wagon based on a Leman Russ.

I think the most amazing thing about this lot of models is that all of the infantry models are metal except for the Shoota and Choppa Boyz. I cannot understand why someone would spend so much time and money building and painting this army to abandon it. Oh well, it worked out good for me. My preliminary math puts the army at close to 2000 points depending on options. Next step is to get some games in with them.

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Fortifications and Alternating Terrain Placement

As I'm sure everyone is aware of by now, the 6th edition rule book has a section specifically detailing how to set up terrain on your game table prior to a match. Having used the method several times, I can say that it works good save one thing.

The problem?

It is too easy to game the method and screw over players deploying fortifications.

There, I said it. The system is broken. "How" you might ask? Picture this: you take an Aegis Defense Line with a Quad-gun. Great choice, right? I think so. Now, as per the rule book, you place the defense line prior to any terrain being placed. Now, comes the fun part, terrain placement.

What is the first piece your opponent places? A large, line of sight blocking piece directly in front of your Quad-gun.

Is it a dick move? Yes.

Against the rules? No.

But! Do not despair, for I have a solution. A very simple modification to the table setup order is all that is needed: place terrain and then place fortifications.

Admittedly, this is a very simple solution, but that is all that is needed. It completely eliminates the issue at hand and, as a bonus, helps "forge a narrative".

That's what this whole edition is about, right? Everywhere you look in the 6th edition rule book it talks about forging a narrative. How much more narrative can you get than a commander surveying the field of battle prior to constructing his battlements, choosing the location based on the lay of the land.

I sure as hell know that hills, trees, and ruins don't magically appear after you build a Fortress of Redemption.



First Purifier Squad Finished

Man, it's been a while since my last post. I haven't been idle though. I have spent the time since my last post refining my skills as a player, (slowly) painting some models up, and digesting all of the changes 6th edition brought. Now that summertime distractions are over, I plan to get beck into the swing of things here on the blog.

Now, I am admittedly a slow painter, so even though I have been playing 40k for almost two years, the vast majority of my models remain unpainted. That said, I have recently finished painting my first squad of Purifiers for my Grey Knight army. To celebrate, here are some pictures.

Purifier Squad

My first finished Purifier squad.

Purifier w/ Halberd

Purifier sporting a Halberd.

Purifier w/ Daemonhammer

Purifier ready to put the hammer down.

Purifier w/ Psycannon

Purifier ready to lay down supporting fire.

Knight of the Flame w/ Halberd

Knight of the flame bringing the fire.

Overall, I a pleased with how they turned out. I didn't like the white helms and pauldrons that Purifiers are supposed to have, so I opted for white helmet crests instead. I am particularly happy with the basing. I think the stone tile look I was going for turned out rather well.

Thoughts, comments, and suggestions are always appreciated.


First Outing with the Knights

I know it happened a week ago, but April 7th was marked the first time I used my Grey Knight army. The format was a three game, 1850 point tournament with no unique units allowed. I took the following list:

  • Librarian with several powers
  • Strike squad with 2 Psycannons in Rhino
  • Strike squad with 2 Psycannons in Rhino
  • Terminator squad with 2 Psycannons
  • Dreadnought with 2 Twin-linked Autocannons and Psybolt ammo
  • Dreadnought with 2 Twin-linked Autocannons and Psybolt ammo
  • Dreadknight with Personal Teleporter, Heavy Incinirator, and Daemon Hammer

I was impressed with the how the army did. It is not a lot of bodies on the table, but the ones I had were effective. I had the following match-ups:

  1. Space Marines - First round was an annihilation game. This game was fast and brutal. My Knights were tearing through this army like crazy. I tabled my opponent by turn 4, scoring me a solid victory.
  2. Necrons - Second round was base grab. This was a odd game to say the least. My opponent was running a list packed with Night Sythes and Doom Sythes. I took out all 9 ofmhismvehicles, leaving him with several 5 man Warrior squads to walk on. This should have been a win for me, but I spread myself out to much killing his vehicles that he managed to push me off his base and claim a tie.
  3. Imperial Guard - Third round was an objective game with three objectives. I am just going to admit that this game was a loss for me from about turn 2. I simply did not have enou long range to take out significant portions of my opponents army. I almost tied the game, but on the last turn he managed to take out the last of my Terminators with a Plasma squad, giving him 2 objectives to my 1.

As far as the list goes, I think it was solid. I am going to chalk the tie and the loss up to my own mistakes. Looking back, I can easily see what I could have done better. The only game I feel was stacked against me was the third one. My list was just not made to handle me meched up Guard.



Working Hard

The time has come for me to finally field my Grey Knight army. The upcoming local tournament on April 7th calls for an 1850 list with the stipulation that no named characters can be used. As effective as my Crimson Fists were last time a tournament had that stipulation, I think a Grey Knight list could do just as good, if not better.

To that end, I am looking at a list that uses two Strike squads in Rhinos, two Psyfleman Dreadnoughts, a Terminator squad, and a Vindicare Assassin. I am still up in the aid on whether to use a Grand Master or Librarian for an HQ. Both have their uses, but I'm not sure which will work better for this list. Also, there are still some point left over that I'm not sure how to spend yet.

Of course, a list is only useful if I have the models to field it. I have had several boxes of Grey Knight sprues for months now, but have been focused on expanding and painting my Crimson Fists force. Now that I have a plan, that has to change. That is why I am focusing hard and spending what little free time I have putting together models.  As of last night, I have one Strike squad completed and the second one lacks only the shoulder pads and helmets. I am confident that the rest of the models will be finished in time. I'll be sure to post a finalized list along with a few pictures prior to the tournament.


Tournament 3/3/12 – Results

Man, this tournament was not kind to me. Don't get me wrong, I fared decently, coming out right in the middle of the rankings, but each game was brutal and my two wins could be described as lucky at best. With only 750 point armies, the tournament format was changed up some. We played a total of five, one hour games played on 4 x 4 tables. In the end, my record was 2-1-2. I detailed my list in the last post, so I won't repeat it here.

Game one had me pitted against a Grey Knight list with ten Terminators and two Dreadnoughts. I can confidently say that I lost this game on turn one. My opponent went first, and with his good rolls and my poor ones half of my army was dead before I even had a chance to do anything. Needless to say, it was all downhill from there.

Game two was against and Imperial Guard list featuring four Vendettas and two Veteran squads. This was a close match the entire game, featuring both mine and my opponent's inability to kill anything. The game ended on turn six, by which we had both managed to score two kill points.

Game three found me attempting to exterminate a Tyranid army. by the end of the hour, my opponent was three Genestealers away from being tabled. I managed to keep part of my Tactical squad alive, letting me hold one objective, just enough to bag a win.

For game four, I was tasked with putting a stop to the Tau's greater good. Nothing special happened this game. I didn't rack up many kills, but I did manage to get my Terminators to my opponent's base and keep his units away from mine, snagging me my second win for the day.

Game five had me back up against Grey Knights, though it was a henchman based army this time. This was a frustrating game because I simply had no luck popping my opponent's Chimeras. In the end, he won with three kill points to my two.

Even though I didn't do well. I had a ton of fun. One thing I will say is that I don't think Vanilla Marines are a good choice for such small games. Let's face it, the troop choices are lackluster and with such a point crunch it is hard to fit in a decent mix of anything else. No worries though, next month's tournament is back up to my preferred point levels; 1850 with no named characters.


750 Crimson Fists List

There is a tournament scheduled for today (March 3rd) at the local game store. It is a little odd though because it is only 750 points. For me, this is a challenging point level to build a list for. With the compulsory one HQ and two troops, over half of the points are already spent. That leaves little room for other units.

A large part of the challenge is knowing that the low point limit does not mean hard to kill units won't be in some lists. I fully expect to see several lists that include Land Raiders and at least one with some monstrous creatures. Knowing this, I have to make sure I still have a way to handle these type of threats.

With these points in mind, I have come up with the following list. I'm not sure just how effective it will be, but I should be able to handle anything thrown at me.

  • HQ
    • Librarian - 140 - Terminator Armor, Storm Shield, Gate of Infinity, Vortex of Doom
  • Troops
    • Tactical Squad - 235 - Meltagun, Missile Launcher, Rhino, Power Fist on Seargeant
    • Scout Squad - 135 - Sniper Rifles, Missile Launcher, Telion
  • Elites
    • Terminator Assaut Squad - 240 - 2 Lightning Claws, 4 Thunder Hammer / Storm Shield

Overall, I think this list will do decent. My biggest concern is the foot-slogging Terminators. With Gate of Infinity though, I should be able to get them into effective range early game. I'll be sure to post later how I did.


Introducing My Armies

Currently, I have two armies, though only one is built up to a playable level yet: Crimson Fists and Grey Knights.

Crimson Fist veteran with Power FistMy first, current, and primary army is my Crimson Fists. Of course, to be more specific it is a Codex Marines chapter being ran as Crimson Fists. Like so many others, I opted to start my foray into Warhammer 40k with a vanilla marine army. After playing several casual games and collecting enough models to field close to 2000 points, I decided it was time to retire my generic Captain from the Black Reach box set and specialize my force.

First, I must admit that my decision was not motivated by game mechanics alone. There are several aspects of the Crimson Fists that appeal to me. Combine that with the benefits that Pedro gives in game, and I was sold. Here is a basic rundown of my reasons:

  1. Fluff - I just love the fluff behind these guys. Noble sons of Dorn, honorable to a fault, and steadfast in the face of all odds.
  2. Colors - I know this may seem odd, but when you consider how much time will be spent painting an army and how much more time will be spent looking at the models on the tabletop, it only makes sense to pick a color scheme I like.
  3. Rynn's World - I mean come on, who could read this book and not fall in love with these guys.
  4. Sternguard Squads - In my own humble opinion, Sternguard Veterans are one the best units in Codex Marines, hands down. Making them a scoring unit only improves them.
  5. +1 Attack Bubble - I don't care what unit is involved, this buff to combat is awesome.
  6. Stubborn - Useful in some situations, but still a good bonus for any list.

I have had a ton of fun with this army so far. Thanks to the flexibility built into the codex, I am able to try out so many different builds and tactics. Of course, the downside to this is the fact that I keep acquiring new models for the army faster than I can paint them. So far, I would say I have almost half of the army painted. Luckily, my local game store does not require models to be painted in order to participate in tournaments. Anyway, enough about Crimson Fists and on to my fledgling Grey Knights army.

Grey Knight Terminator with HalberdGrey Knights mesh well with how I like to play 40k: powerful and expensive units that promote an elite task force style of play. Of course, this means I am drawn towards "pure" Grey Knight builds. As powerful as the are, I am not a fan of henchman based lists.

As much as I am drawn towards them, my Grey Knights are an army that continues to elude me. I mass purchased the models to make both a Draigo-wing and a Purifier list about six months ago, yet I have only managed to fully assemble two boxes of models so far. The only game I have managed to play with the army was done with almost full proxies. The problem is my Crimson Fists.

Since I am continuously expanding my Crimson Fist army and desperately trying to catch up painting it, I have had very little time to spend building my Grey Knights. But, I am patient and know that I will eventually get them built, unless I get distracted by another army in the meantime...